Robot-Assisted Oral Surgery

In the medical world there have been many recent advancements that help doctors provide enhanced care to their patients. One of the new technologies used in today’s dental office is the robotic assistant. These tools are a great way to increase precision & reduce treatment times for patients.

The Yomi Robotic System is one of those tools created to assist in oral surgery, specifically for dental implants. It offers augmented visualization of treatment areas, procedure planning & haptic-guided surgery. These features allow the dentist to perform complex & intricate work in less time & with greater accuracy.

That means a more natural-looking smile & less time in the chair for patients. Robotic assistant visual aids can also help patients better understand the type of care they are receiving & what to expect during the procedure itself.

The Yomi system has been approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for use in oral surgery.

Your dentist will go over what treatment they think is best to keep your oral health in top shape & explain how robotic assistance might help you.

Yomi Patient Results